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Smoker HOBBY2 Automatic

Producer : STAWIANY
Type : HOBBY 2A
Width: 700 mm
Height: 1900 mm
Length: 550 mm
Weight: 250 kg
Wydajność: 30 kg/cykl
Power: 6.50 kW
Capacity: 30 kg
Type of heating: electric
Warranty period: 12 miesiące
voltage: 3x400V/ 50 Hz / 480V /230V
water pressure demand: 3 bar
Control panel: MIKSTER iMAX500 z ekranem dotykowym
Number of layers: 6
Temperature range: 120 st. C
Exhaust Ventilator capacity: 110 m3/h
Smoke chips consumption: 0,5-2 kg/h
Lighting: LED
Optional Equipment: wózek wędzarniczy
Wall panel: 60 mm izolacji płyt ROCKWOOL

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Hobby2 Smoking chamber is used for smoking fish, meat and meat products. Perfect for small bars and catering.Can be used outdoors
The cabinet is made of stainless steel. Sheathing made of sheet steel. Fasteners are made of stainless steel.
Structural elements have a closet of hard thermal insulation of mineral wool.
Front doors are fitted with a silicone gasket and two locking latches, ensuring the tightness of the chamber. Inside there is a temperature sensor in the chamber and the temperature sensor inside the product. It is equipped with three electric heaters. The rear lamp fitted wardrobes for easy observation of the smoking process. Microprocessor panel INDU-52 controls the heater, it shows the temperature and duration procesu.Chamber is equipped with circulation fan and motor-exhaust.
It also has an external smoke generator for wooden chips.
We design automatic steaming system for this chamber.
All proceses are available, you can smoke, cook, roast, steam, dry and so on




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